Monday, December 31, 2007

Crowds cheers, clock strikes, fireworks shows, new resolutions. Oh NOO! its that New Year's eve again! New Year is very ALCOHOL, very tiring, very disappointing and a whole lot of CRAP to me to be honest! Its this time of the year again where everyone has to Hoover it down and party the nightaway!

On New Year's eve, its compulsory to have fun, snog strangers, be very sociable, get drunk and go to bed very, very, very late or the next day. Get the picture? I honestly dread every New Year's eve more than any date in the calendar year.

New Year's eve is the day when I get incredible bitchy and angry because I am already dead tired from the X'mas party that we have had and I haven't really recovered from it. All those cleaning up messes and piles of cold meat and cold turkeys in my refregirator...I had to eat the same piles for 3 days and another 2 days to digest completely in the toilet bowl. My liver is probably engorged from all the aftershock X'mas party and now its New Year's eve again.

New Year comes and goes for me. I don't even fucking notice it. I hate it. I hate it. I think trouble is New Year's eve follows X'mas. I'm just so fed up, fed up because I have eaten more than any other much more that extra loads are now strictly visible. My lumps!

To whoever is enjoying this day, my hat off for you guys, the happy merry people. As for me, being the hypocrite as I am, I am going to have to rub my shoulders, and pretend being merry and happy at midnite with my Brother in law, his friends and families. Well, at least now I can be a mess for them to clean up later tomorrow...if they ever get to see the daylight from all those boozing!

Cr(H)appy New Year to every one!